As a golf coach Michael Vandenberg is always looking to improve his knowledge to help his students improve their game. In January 2016 he visited Orlando, Florida to start the process to become a TPI Certified Golf Instructor. Since then he has furthered his education by visiting the TPI headquarters in Oceanside California to complete his Golf Level Three course.


Having taken the course and passed the test Michael has now gained his Level One TPI Certification, Level Two and Level Three Golf certifications. These certification have given him a greater understanding of how limitations in the body's movements have a direct effect on a persons ability to swing the golf club and what swing faults are artibuted to the restrictions in movement a player might have.



"If you’re in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, TPI Certification should be mandatory"
Butch Harmon


Since the late 1990s, the game of golf has seen a seismic shift in how players at the highest level prepare and maintain their bodies for competition. Players are more powerful, more athletic and better equipped at an earlier age to perform at the highest levels while older players are extending their careers at incredibly high performance levels.


TPI Golf Certification gives the golf coaches a better understanding of how the body's strengths and weaknesses affect the golf swing. TPI Certified Golf Experts can quickly identify any physical restrictions (using a body screening process) that may be limiting a player’s swing, and simple techniques to improve these limitations.


This form of assessing a golfer is for all standards and will help every player understand why their particular body biomechanices produce certain movements which have a direct influence on a golfers ability to swing the club.


A body screening consists of 16 tests all of which are designed to help Michael gain an understanding of how your body moves and what links it has to your golf swing. Once any underlining issues have been identified a plan of action can be discussed and the improvement chain can start.


Please contact Michael if you would like to find out more and have a discussion about your game. Vandenberg Golf looks forward to helping everyone improve and gain a better understanding of how their body works and how their biomechanics will be having a direct influence on their golf swing.

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